IVA companies

IVA companies

There are many IVA companies offering advice and services and it can be difficult choosing the best option for you.

There is much to be considered with IVA companies but the most important point to remember is that successful debt advice has to be specific and tailored to your own particular circumstances. So ignore the gimmicks of online advice and ‘calculators’ offered by some IVA companies that pick solutions for you.

Every debt problem is different and the best advice must take account of this. So it is about communicating your problem, the background to it and the specific circumstances that relate to it. We understand how difficult it can be sometimes to do this and so we make it as easy as possible for you to communicate with us.

This can be done by phone, in person at our offices or by email and can even be done anonymously if that suits you.

Our advice is free and totally confidential so you can call us in confidence on 0800 007 5021

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