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Finance and debt are a fact of life
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Expert debt advisors with the experience that counts

E-P Debt are a firm of professional debt advisors helping people every day of the week who find themselves in financial difficulties of any kind.

Money problems and making ends meet are a major issue for millions of people every day in the UK. Financial difficulties often become difficult to manage and for many it can become overwhelming and quickly seem that there is no way out of the constant pressure and worry. It's important to know that you're not alone and there is help available that will provide effective solutions to your problems.

Our debt mangers and debt councillors are experienced advisors who you will find helpful and considerate and who provide advice on a totally confidential basis.

For free advice call now on 0800 007 5021

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E-P Debt

Our experienced debt advisors are here to help

Sometimes you just need a hand but with debt problems there's more to it than that. You need the facts and you also need to know about the latest options available to you that are the most appropriate to your own circumstances to most effectively resolve your financial situation.

So forget the guesswork and the easy options that can lead to the problem getting worse. Take advantage of the expert help and advice available to you and put yourself on the road to resolving your problems now.

Take advice on the advantages and disadvantages of a debt management plan. Find out how an IVA can reduce your payments to a level you can afford and write off the debt you can't afford. Get the full facts on bankruptcy and assess whether this would be the right option for you. Consider the protection a debt arrangement scheme gives you or whether you would be better off financially with a trust deed if you are really struggling to meet your financial commitments.

Contact E-P Debt now and get the facts and advice you need.

E-P Debt
E-P Debt

Managing your debt in today’s economy

Borrowing money, access to credit and being in debt are all part and parcel of the modern economy and modern life.

People are used to dealing with loans, mortgages, credit cards and store cards and our economy is geared to facilitate this. However easy access to credit and the ease with which personal circumstances can change creates debt problems for many on a daily basis.

Financial problems can very quickly spiral out of control and anyone who is experiencing difficulties should seek debt help from professional advisors as early as possible.

E-P Debt
E-P Debt

Why credit has an important role to play

Credit and borrowing seem to be an ever increasing factor in our daily lives, but in itself is generally not a problem. Borrowing is an enabler, helping consumers to acquire what they want and is a proven tool to help households smooth their income over time.

Ensuring consumers are well informed about the practical economy of credit and the options available to them, empowers people and helps them to manage their financial affairs effectively. Borrowing becomes an issue when people take on too much or have trouble meeting their commitments.

When problems arise it is important that people have access to good debt advice and can source the debt solutions required to improve their financial circumstances.

E-P Debt

How the economy impacts on debt problems

The Economic theorists have many explanations on how movements in the economy impact on credit and the financial problems that follow when circumstances get out of balance. This filters down immediately to individuals who feel the impact on their available income.

When this happens, people don't need the explanations of the theorists as they experience directly the pressures and worries of financial difficulties and have to deal with the consequences.

On the positive side, modern day theorists argue that consumer borrowing is an important factor in driving economic growth by simply enabling consumers to buy and acquire goods and assets without having to save.

As the economy grows in this way so also do wages and asset values such as property and in turn it becomes easier for people to pay off their borrowings.

This is the cycle of economic activity where borrowing plays its part in a positive way to help stimulate and grow the economy.

E-P Debt
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