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Expert debt advisors with the experience that counts

E-P Debt are a firm of professional debt advisors helping people every day of the week who find themselves in financial difficulties of any kind.

Money problems and making ends meet are a major issue for millions of people every day in the UK. Finances often become difficult to manage and for many it can become overwhelming and quickly seem that there is no way out of the constant pressure and worry. It's important to know that you're not alone and there is debt help available that will sort your problems quickly and effectively.

Our debt mangers and debt councillors are experienced advisors who you will find helpful and considerate and who provide expert debt advice on a totally confidential basis.

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How our debt advisors help

Our debt advisors follow a simple process to ensure we can quickly assess the extent of your problem, take any necessary protection procedures you may need and provide a solution that suits your circumstances.

Step 1 – Free consultation

Your consultation is free and one of our experienced advisors will assess your information and consider the best options available for you.

Step 2 – Selection of best option

Our advisors will then fully explain the options available to you and advise on the best one for your circumstances. It is then up to you to decide how you want to proceed.

Step 3 – Take action

This is an important step in the process as problems do not go away on their own, you must take action of some kind and our advisors are there to assist with every step.

E-P Debt

Debt managers: helping people manage

Our experienced debt managers are here to help you manage your finances. We focus on what is happening in the real world and the simple fact is that many people throughout the UK are experiencing serious debt problems and need assistance.

Here’s what our debt mangers provide:

Immediate assistance with you current debt problems

Action against creditor demands and court action

The best solutions to resolve your financial difficulties

Money management methods to prevent further issues

Always there for guidance on the unplanned and unexpected

E-P Debt

Getting out of debt

Whether you simply need some breathing space to get over a difficult time or your debts have just become totally overwhelming and unmanageable we have the best debt solutions for you.

Here’s why you should contact our expert debt advisors to get yourself out of debt and put your life back on track.

Trained and qualified advisors

Our trained and qualified debt advisors and debt managers have the expertise and knowledge to find the very best options for you.


Our advisors deal with a wide range of debt problems every day helping people improve their financial circumstances and get out of debt

Free advice consultations

We offer free advice consultations and our debt advisors are available on the phone, by email or in person depending on how it suits you.

Confidential and understanding advice

You’ll find all our advisors and debt managers to be courteous and understanding and your details are always treated in the strictest confidence.

We’ll deal with your creditors

We understand how difficult it can become dealing with creditor demands so let our advisors deal with them for you.

Proven debt solutions

No more guesswork, worry and anxiety. Our debt advisors will provide you with solutions that work and improve your financial circumstances.

E-P Debt

We love our job as debt managers

At E-P Debt we like to go that extra mile to ensure we provide the very best service for our clients. Our debt mangers are really focussed on making the experience as pleasant as possible for everyone we deal with.

We really understand how difficult it can be when your finances get out of control and our managers are used to the stressful situations it causes.

However the real measure of effective debt managers is being able to provide the options you need need and the guidance and support required to improve your financial circumstances.

This is what we do and it’s why we enjoy our job so much.

Our debt managers are experienced managers who are dealing with debt issues every day and are keen to provide you with the solutions you need.

E-P Debt

How the economy impacts on debt problems

The Economic theorists have many explanations on how movements in the economy impact on credit and the financial problems that follow when circumstances get out of balance. This filters down immediately to individuals who feel the impact on their available income.

When this happens, people don't need the explanations of the theorists as they experience directly the pressures and worries of financial difficulties and have to deal with the consequences.

On the positive side, modern day theorists argue that consumer borrowing is an important factor in driving economic growth by simply enabling consumers to buy and acquire goods and assets without having to save.

As the economy grows in this way so also do wages and asset values such as property and in turn it becomes easier for people to pay off their borrowings.

This is the cycle of economic activity where borrowing plays its part in a positive way to help stimulate and grow the economy.

E-P Debt

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