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Solving your debt problems is so much easier with the right advice

We’re dealing with debt problems just like yours every day. With us you’ll find there’s no judging or awkward moments; we’re just here to provide the debt help you need. That means treating you professionally, with respect and understanding and importantly, sorting out your problems and advising on the best debt solutions for you and your future.

Our debt advice is free and totally confidential so if you’re experiencing
debt problems of any kind just make
contact by calling, emailing or requesting
a callback, whatever suits you best.

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Debt solutions we provide

General debt advice

We deal with all types and all sizes of debt problems. There is an effective debt solution for every debt problem so make contact and ask about our professional debt help.

Take the first step to resolving your problems and stop the stress and worry. We are often asked how the different debt solutions might work so we have illustrated some examples below:


An IVA is an effective debt solution for more serious debt problems enabling you to make a fresh start free of financial worries.

It is a debt solution available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland but not available in Scotland.

IVA Example

Typical case

Total debt of £18,000 and can afford to repay £120 per month

Amounts owed

Personal loans 9,600 Credit cards 6,600 Charge cards 1,800

Total debt 18,000

IVA solution

Repay £120 for 60 months
Total repayments £7,200
Debt write off £10,800

Trust Deed

This is the Scottish alternative to an IVA and is only available to Scottish residents.

This solution enables you to agree a monthly payment you can afford and write off your unaffordable debt.

Trust Deed Example

Typical case

Total debt of £47,200 and can afford to repay £354 a month

Amounts owed

Personal loans 28,300
Credit cards 14,100
Charge cards 4,800

Total debt 47,200

Trust Deed Solution

Repay £354 for 60 months
Total repayments £21,240
Debt write off £25,960


A Debt Management plan is a popular debt solution which reduces your payments by repaying over a longer period of time.

It consolidates your credit commitments to a single monthly payment.

Debt Management Plan Example

Typical case

Total debt of £14,200 currently paying £500 per month

Amounts owed

Personal loans 6,400 Credit cards 5,200 Charge cards 1,800 Overdraft 800

Total debt 14,200

DMP solution

Currently paying £500
New payment £295


The Debt Arrangement Scheme is a proven method to give you the breathing space you need and reduce your monthly payments through a formal agreement.

It is a legal agreement backed by the Scottish government.

Debt Arrangement Scheme Example

Typical case

Total debt of £26,000 currently paying £980 per month

Amounts owed

Personal loans 17,600 Credit cards 3,000 Charge cards 4,000 Catalogues 2,000

Total debt 26,000

DAS Solution

Currently paying £980
New payment £217
(over 120 months)


This is the final alternative for those who are insolvent and cannot repay their debt.

It enables you to clear your debt once and for all and effectively start again.

Bankruptcy Example

Typical case

Examples depend on the individual circumstances of each case.

Things to consider

Take expert debt advice before deciding


One of the quickest ways for a fresh start Your unsecured debts can be written off in full.

No Gimmicks just debt solutions that work

The quickest way to find a debt solution to your financial difficulties is to speak to one of our experienced debt advisors who can objectively
assess your problem and provide advice on the
latest solutions available.

The key to effective debt help is advice based on your own particular circumstances and how you feel personally about what suits you.

Our expert advice will provide you with the information and guidance you need to make the right decisions for your immediate issues and your future.

For the expert debt advice you need simply contact one of our debt advisors and we’ll assess your problems as well as providing you with a range of options to resolve your situation.

It doesn’t matter how bad
the problem is – we can help

Whether you owe £2000 or £200,000 (or more) our experienced advisors will provide the debt help you need. We’ve been helping a wide range of people clear their financial problems for over 20 years.

Our debt help is always tailored to your own personal circumstances and our national debtline is always there when you need it.

We help with money problems and fully understand the stress and worry debt causes. Call us anytime for an informal chat on how we can solve your debt problems.

Simply contact us here and we’ll take immediate action to change your current situation and help you on the road to a happier worry free life. Make contact with us now you will be glad you did.

You’re not alone with the stress and worry debt brings

Recent surveys show that nearly 9 million people are living with serious debt every day across the UK. In some major cities as much as 40% of the local population are having difficulty in repaying their debt.

So you are not alone with your debt problems and the stress it brings. There is no need to be embarrassed about the problem or worried about seeking debt help to solve it.

The fact of the matter however is that your debt problem won’t go away on its own and it will almost certainly get worse the longer you leave it.

So take action now to make a start on the road to recovery. All you have to do is contact us here in the way that suits you best, either by phone, email or to request a callback.

Debt advice


About our services

Free debt advice across the UK

Don’t struggle with your debt problems anymore, call us now and speak to one of our expert advisors. We’ll assess your financial circumstances and provide the best options to solve your problems by reducing your payments or writing off the debt you can’t afford.

For free debt advice call 0800 007 5021

We fully understand the pressures and worries of money problems and help people every day across the UK to change their financial circumstances for good and move on to enjoy a better life.

Simply contact us here and we’ll take immediate
action to change your current situation and help
you on the road to a happier debt free life.

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• You'll find us friendly and approachable we really are here to help.
• It doesn't matter how much debt you are in we will always find the best debt solutions.
• You don't even have to give us your personal details if you don't want to, we'll still provide the
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