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“A straightforward legal process to write off your debt”

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Get the key facts on going bankrupt, how it works and what the real advantages and disadvantages will mean for you.

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Find out if you qualify for bankruptcy, what the legal guidelines are and what you need to think about

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We understand the difficulties of money problems and the worry and anxiety it causes because we are dealing with it every day. Our expert advisors are here to help and you will find us understanding and able to quickly deal with your creditors and put solutions in place to resolve your current situation.

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Bankruptcy: is it the right option?

Find out if going bankrupt is right for you by calling our expert debt advisors now, for free and confidential advice. Get the facts and find out if bankruptcy is the best solution to clear your current problems.

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We provide free expert advice on bankruptcy and insolvency across the UK as a proven solution that can solve your financial problems.

Bankruptcy is a straightforward legal process designed to help people with serious financial problems write off the money they owe that would normally take many years to pay back. You should only consider going bankrupt as a solution where you genuinely feel you will never be able to clear your debts.

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Bankruptcy – 16 must knows

Going BANKRUPT – get the FACTS

1If you are a UK resident you can petition to be declared bankrupt
2In order to become bankrupt a court has to agree to it and issue a bankruptcy order against you
3You may be interviewed by the official receiver about your situation
4You will normally be discharged from bankruptcy after a year
5When the bankruptcy is over the money you owe is usually written off and this may be after just a year
6Creditors can’t chase you or harass you for money if you’re bankrupt
7You are allowed to keep certain possessions and a reasonable amount to live on
8Being bankrupt imposes serious restrictions
9You must pass control of your assets to the official receiver / trustee
10You may lose your home
11The bankruptcy details are entered on the Insolvency Register
12Bankruptcy is recorded on your credit file for six years
13Depending on your financial circumstances you may have to make a regular contribution to your creditors for up to three years
14You have to pay the courts costs and fees which can be up to about £700
15Some professions don’t allow people made bankrupt to continue working
16A bankruptcy petition order can be made against you if you don’t cooperate and abide by the terms

Qualifying for Bankruptcy

Do I qualify for bankruptcy?

There are actually no set criteria to qualify for going bankrupt in the UK other than the fact that you should be insolvent which basically means that you can’t pay your debts when they are due. Many people can fall into this category however the main question is to find out if going bankrupt is the right option for you.

The bankruptcy procedures are different depending on which part of the UK you live in and you need to be aware of the specific legislation that applies to your area of residency.

We have advisors who specialise in the procedures and guidelines for England and Wales and separately for Scotland and also Northern Ireland to ensure you receive the advice, help and guidance you need if you are thinking of making yourself bankrupt.

You should also be aware that any of your creditors can make you bankrupt if you owe them more than £750 and it is therefore important to seek advice on your debt problems if they are pressing before your creditors take any kind of legal action against you.

It is always better to be in control of the situation and make your decisions based on what is best for you.

If going bankrupt is the best option out of debt for you then we can advise you on how to apply for bankruptcy and guide you through the process.

Bankruptcy in England and Wales

If you decide to go bankrupt in England and Wales you must apply to the courts and this can be done through the county court in the area where you live. There are court fees of £525 (payable on application) and a further £180 which may be reduced depending on your circumstances.

For more information see our page on bankruptcy in England and Wales

Bankruptcy in Scotland       

The Accountant in Bankruptcy is responsible for administering the legal process in Scotland. In order to go bankrupt In Scotland you must owe more than £1500, be apparently insolvent and not have been made bankrupt in the last five years. The bankruptcy application fee is £200.

For more information see our section on Sequestration (Scottish Bankruptcy).

Bankruptcy in Northern Ireland

The bankruptcy procedure in Northern Ireland is dealt with solely by the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast. Petition forms need to be delivered to the Official Receivers Office along with a £525 deposit. You then have to present your petition at the Courts of Justice and pay the additional £115 court fee.

For more information see our section on Bankruptcy in Northern Ireland.



How we help

How we help with bankruptcy

We provide free and confidential expert advice to get your finances back on track.

We can deal with your creditors and ease the pressure from them.

We can help with court actions taken against you by any of your creditors.

We will assess the extent of your problem and advise if going bankrupt is the best solution.

We will guide you through the process and help you each step of the way.

The important point in resolving your situation is to take action so call us now for free and confidential advice.

Tips and advice

tip # 1

Get the facts before you decide

If you are considering going bankrupt as a solution to your financial difficulties then you need to make sure you get all the facts. It’s a big decision and so it’s important that you decide on the best solution for you and in particular choose the one that suits your own personal circumstances.

Our specialist advisors are dealing with people every day who are considering going bankrupt and it’s not always the best solution. You must take full account of the disadvantages as well as the advantages before making a decision. There are many other debt solutions available that may suit you better.

Take action now and make use of our free advice on going bankrupt and find out if it really is right for you. If it is we can help and guide you through the whole process.

tip # 2

Bankruptcy is not a bad word

It’s a fact of modern life that many people for a wide variety of reasons can find themselves with serious financial problems that need a formal solution which puts an end to the problem.

This is the case with thousands of people across the UK every year and bankruptcy provides a straightforward legal process to remove your financial problems and make a fresh start.

Government changes – differences in Bankruptcy legislation

There are different guidelines and regulations for the bankruptcy procedure in Scotland and Northern Ireland and if you reside in either of these locations then you must be aware of the specific legislation that applies.

We have specialists in both Scotland and Northern Ireland to ensure you receive the advice, help and guidance you need if you are thinking of making yourself bankrupt.

Bankruptcy in Scotland

The Scottish Government have recently made changes to the sequestration procedure to simplify it and make it more accessible to people throughout Scotland with financial problems. For more information see our section on Scottish Bankruptcy.

Bankruptcy in Northern Ireland

Going bankrupt in Northern Ireland is different to that in England and Wales. The bankruptcy procedures are different and the process is dealt with by the Royal Courts of Justice in Belfast and not a local court as in England. Costs and fees are also different. For more information see our section on Bankruptcy in Northern Ireland.


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