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with a Scottish Trust Deed

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“A Scottish Trust Deed: made for serious debt problems”

Find out how a protected trust deed can clear your debts once and for all

How to clear your

Find out how to clear your debts with a Protected Trust Deed and make a fresh start.

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Do I qualify for a
Trust Deed?

Find out if you qualify for a Trust Deed and what the guidelines will mean for you.

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How we help with
Trust Deeds

We have been specialising for many years helping people use a Trust Deed to get out of debt.

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of debt now

We’ll help you take action now on how to sort out your debt and leave the stress behind.

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About Trust Deeds


Protected Trust Deed

Our Protected Trust Deed advice service is absolutely free and our expert advisors will assess if this is the right solution to clear your debt problems. Call us now for advice that will be tailored to your own particular circumstances to ensure you make the right decisions.

For advice on Scottish Trust Deeds call 0800 007 5021

We have been providing expert advice on Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland for many years and helping our clients to leave their money problems behind.

A Scottish Trust Deed is a formal agreement between you and your creditors to pay back what you can afford.

It normally consists of an agreed monthly payment for a period of four years after which the remaining amount you owe is written off. The amount written off can be as much as 90%.

Trust deeds have been designed for
people in Scotland who find themselves
owing too much money and struggling
to afford their normal monthly payments.

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What you need to know about Trust Deeds

How to clear your debts with a Scottish Trust Deed

A Protected Trust Deed is a formal debt solution designed to help people living in Scotland who are struggling with their debts. It is a legally binding agreement which you make with your creditors for a payment you can afford (usually over a period of four years) after which the remainder of your debt is written off.

The process itself is simple and once agreed, stops the pressure and any legal action from lenders and must be adhered to by all parties. Here’s how it works in practice.


It’s the smart thing to do. Use the expertise of our professional debt advisors to assess your problems and advise on your best options. That way you get the facts before making your decision.

           TRUST DEED

An insolvency practitioner must be appointed to set up and administer the Trust Deed process. He is known as the Trustee and will deal with your creditors to reach a formal agreement.

           PROPOSAL IS
           PUT TO YOUR

The proposal to your creditors, which is drafted by an insolvency practitioner, is based on the overview of your statement of affairs and details what you can afford to repay and what should be
written off.

        DEED TAKES

After the proposal is accepted the Trust Deed becomes a Protected Trust Deed which means your creditors can no longer take legal action against you and must abide by its terms.

        FROM YOUR
        TRUST DEED

After the agreed payments have been made, which usually lasts for four years, as long as the terms have been complied with then you will be discharged and the remainder of your debt
is written off.


How to qualify for a Scottish Trust Deed

Qualifying for a Scottish Trust Deed is relatively simple and straightforward. The important point is to ensure that a Trust Deed is the right solution for you as it is a serious step to take. Ask about our free expert advice and ensure you have all the facts before making a decision.

If you are struggling to pay your debt and live in Scotland then a trust deed could be the solution you need.

The basic qualification criteria are

You are having difficulty repaying your debts.

You’re living in Scotland and have done so for at least six months.

You owe at least £5,000 in total.

You owe money to at least two creditors.

You can make a minimum monthly payment of at least £80.

A Scottish Trust Deed applies to unsecured debts such as loans, credit cards and overdrafts but doesn’t include student loans.

Trust deed


Trust Deed Advice

How we help with Trust Deeds

Expert advisors

We have expert Trust Deed advisors who will assess your problem and advise on what’s best for your particular circumstances.

Stop creditor hassle

We can stop the creditor demands and collection agency calls and if a Protected Trust Deed is the right option for you stop legal action against you.

How it really works

We’ll talk you through the practicalities of a Trust Deed and what it actually means to go through one.

Best advice

We’ll help you with how to select the right repayment amount so it is actually affordable and makes a real difference to your situation.

Help and guidance

We’ll guide you through the whole process and be on hand each step of the way so you don’t feel you’re on your own.

We’re here to help with the unexpected

We’re always there to help if things don’t go to plan as we know how that
can happen.

Benefits of a Protected Trust Deed

Benefits of a Protected Trust Deed

A Scottish Trust Deed
has many benefits

1. Your home and car can be protected in most     cases

2. You have a legal agreement that provides a     recognised financial solution in Scotland

3. There is no new borrowing involved, so a credit     search is not required

4. People with CCJs are able to submit a     proposal for a trust deed

5. You may be able to continue running any     business you have

6. You agree to pay back only what you can     afford

7. Your unaffordable debt is written off and     does not have to be repaid

8. You’ll be debt free in 48 months enabling     you to make a fresh start

9. Quick to set up (typically taking just 5-6     weeks)

10. Your creditors cannot take legal action       once your trust deed is protected


How to get help now

To get started on resolving your debt problems all you need to do is make contact by filling in your details below and one of our advisors will get right back to you. Just add the captcha code and click submit.

We’ll let you know if a Scottish Trust Deed is the right solution for you.

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