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Find out how the debt arrangement scheme can work for you

How to reduce
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Reduce your payments with a DAS and benefit from being back in control of your finances

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Do I qualify
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Find out how to qualify for a DAS and what you’ll be agreeing to going forward.

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Our specialist
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Our advisors will provide the expert information you need to decide if a DAS is right for you.

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Debt Arrangement Scheme

We provide free advice on the Debt Arrangement Scheme in Scotland, which may be the answer to your debt problems. Speak to one of our experienced advisors today and find out if this is the right solution for you. Our advice is free and totally confidential.

For debt arrangement advice call 0800 007 5021

The debt arrangement scheme is a special government run scheme designed to help people in Scotland who are struggling with their finances by providing a simple solution to repay their debt over a
longer period of time through a
debt payment programme (DPP).

Get debt help now
To make the most of your options simply contact one of our experienced advisors for free and confidential advice. If you’d like to get back in control of your finances the debt arrangement scheme may be the right solution for you. The debt arrangement scheme can be agreed for any reasonable length of time and once approved, it will freeze all interest and charges from your lenders and it protects you from any legal action by your creditors.

There’s no hassle or judgment, just expert advice and it’s free.
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There are no obligations or commitments. Our advice is absolutely free.
Call 0800 007 5021 today to discuss your options or
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Debt Arrangement Scheme

How a DAS reduces your payments and protects you

The Debt Arrangement Scheme is a government backed solution that enables people living in Scotland to repay their debts without going bankrupt. You can reduce your payments to an affordable level to give you the time to get back on top of your finances.

Here’s how the debt arrangement process works:

        ADVICE YOU

If you’ve found your debts becoming unmanageable seek professional debt advice to find out if a DAS is right for you. The debt arrangement scheme is available to most people in Scotland who are able to contribute a reasonable amount to repay their debts.

           STATEMENT OF

This is actually a simple part of the process which your advisor will undertake and entails finding out how much you owe and who you owe it to along with a basic income and expenditure statement to find out how much you can reasonably afford.


Once you advisor has a clear idea of your circumstances you can then discuss your options and importantly how it will affect you as you go forward. This will include the key aspects of reducing your payments, protecting your assets and how you can become
debt free.

       A DPP

You then agree to a debt payment programme (DPP) at a payment you can afford and make a single monthly payment to the DAS Administrator who distributes it to your creditors for which there is a charge. All interest, fees and charges are frozen.


Once agreed your payment scheme is in force and your creditors can no longer chase you for money or take legal action against you. As long as you abide by the terms of the agreement, your payment scheme will cease at the end of the term
and your debts will be paid.


Understanding DAS

Do I qualify for a DAS?

You must be habitually resident in Scotland as the debt arrangement scheme does not apply in England, Wales or Northern Ireland.

You must have one or more debts that you are struggling to repay and it is your intention to repay them.

You must be able to commit to regular reduced payments until you’ve repaid your debts in full.

There are no minimum or maximum levels of debt that you must have in order to qualify.

One of the exclusions from applying for the debt arrangement scheme is that you cannot be in an active trust deed.

If you are bankrupt or subject to a bankruptcy restrictions order then you will not be eligible.

Debt arrangement scheme


DAS Advice

Our specialist DAS service

We specialise in the debt arrangement scheme and have been providing our expert services to people throughout Scotland for many years helping them resolve their debt problems.

Here’s what we do:

First of all we really understand the anxiety and worry that come with financial difficulties and dealing with creditors. And aim to ease that from the start.

We will deal with your creditors and allow you the time to decide on your options.

We’ll tell you quickly if a DAS is right for you and if it isn’t we’ll give you alternatives.

We won’t pressure you to make a decision, we’ll give you the facts and advise on the best options, then it’s up to you to decide.

We’re here to help and you’ll find us on your side.

Other points to consider

Key points in relation to DAS:

  • You must live in Scotland.
  • You should owe money to one or more creditor
  • You need to have money left over after your living expenses.
  • Like many debt solutions a debt payment programme under DAS will affect your credit rating.
  • Your agreement is recorded on the DAS register
  • The Debt Arrangement Scheme is a recognised debt solution in Scotland that you should take advice on to ensure it is right for you.

I’m looking for help now

Don’t let your debt problems sit around as they will only get worse. Contact us now and make use of our free debt advice for the Debt Arrangement Scheme. Just fill in your details and one of our expert advisors will contact you.

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