Is Cosmetic Surgery a Good Investment or just the New Debt Creator?


Is Cosmetic Surgery a Good Investment or just the New Debt CreatorIt was quite an eye-opener to learn that borrowing money for cosmetic surgery is one of the biggest reasons for people getting into debt. And given that 90% of the people who have cosmetic procedures are women then it stands to reason that there are lots of gorgeous debt-ridden women racketing around the UK. Well, I suppose that depends on how good the plastic surgeon is and how severe the cosmetic problem was in the first place. But is cosmetic surgery worth getting into debt for? If it’s an investment where is the return except the personal psychological boost? And what’s the point of looking better if you’ve got no money left to go out and make the most of it?
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Should private schools be abolished or do we actually need more of them?


Should private schools be abolished or do we actually need more of them?It seems that even in times of economic recession some parents will go to great lengths to prise their children into a private school whether they can really afford it or not. It begs the question: If parents can’t afford the fees then why don’t they just send their children to a state school where they will still get a decent education and if they have the intelligence and work ethic they will get similar qualifications?
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Should people be allowed to write off their debts?


This is a subject that has been around for some time but is every bit as topical today as ever and is one which many people have clear views on with the two ends of the argument scale being:
• People should quite simply be able to write of their debts if they can no longer afford them
• People need to be responsible for their own actions and therefore must repay the debts they   have run up

There are also a lot of views in between, the main one seeming to be that people should be made to pay back what they can afford but not be forced to pay back what they can’t afford; although, some would see this as just a variant of the first argument detailed above.
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Top 10 tips to be successful


top 10 tips to be successful1. Follow your dreams

It is very easy to bluster through life chasing the next big pay packet or the latest offer on the table. This may pay dividends in the way of cash in your pocket but the world is full of rich miserable people. Real success comes from making money doing something that you enjoy and not ploughing through each day in the hope that your bank balance is slightly better off at the end of the month. Find out what your passion is and work out a way to get paid doing it, then you can be truly happy.
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Top ten effective weight loss secrets


Top ten effective weight loss secretsThe weight loss industry is huge and full of fads, new ideas, latest crazes and an abundance of highly polished organisations just waiting to take your cash from you. They play on our emotions and self doubt and happily take our money in the process.

Losing weight however doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. It does require a change in habit, lifestyle and how you think about food but small changes really can make a big difference.
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