What’s the difference between bankruptcy and sequestration?


Whats the difference between bankruptcy and sequestrationThere is so much terminology today in relation to debt problems and in particular debt solutions that it is easy to get confused. In today’s credit driven society there is now such a range of debt solutions and they are often described in technical terms and ‘information overload’ can so easily kick in. This is a real problem as people with debt problems need to get to the facts and quickly understand how the different solutions work and what they can mean for them personally, without having to work their way through the jargon.
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I need help with my debt


I need help with my debtI’m up to my eyes in debt and just can’t repay it. Every month is a struggle, I can’t meet my monthly payments and my debt is growing. I’m now struggling to pay my basic bills. If any of these are familiar then you seriously need help with your debt. If you are incurring late payment charges, missing payments, just managing to meet the minimum payments or even worse not even meeting them, then you need help with your debt. If your finances are causing you to worry, loose sleep get agitated and possibly to be hiding things from the people round about you then you know what you need.
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