I have a debt problem and need help


I have a debt problem and need helpNow there’s a phrase I wish I had used and acted on: I have a debt problem and need help. It’s not easy to admit you’ve got a debt problem especially when you’re the breadwinner in the household. It’s also every bit as hard to contemplate seeking out someone whom you have to communicate your failures to. It’s even harder to admit it to your partner.
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Get yourself some debt advice


Get yourself some debt adviceDebt problems are pretty commonplace these days and that’s not to say they don’t have serious consequences for many people or it makes light of the misery they can cause. The fact is however, that debt problems are on the increase and they affect all sectors of society. Most people struggle on in the hope that things will get better. Many people won’t even admit they have a problem and some just let it run until it becomes totally unmanageable. All of these reactions to debt problems only make the problem worse and increases the worry, anxiety and stress that inevitably accompany financial difficulties.
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Will a trust deed clear my debts?


Will a trust deed clear my debtsThe simple answer to the question ‘will a trust deed clear my debt?’ is that it can certainly clear your unsecured debt. Unsecured debt consists of items such as credit card debt, overdrafts and standard bank loans that are not normally secured against an asset. This is quite different from the likes of a mortgage or a secured loan which is normally secured against your home, which means that the lender can effectively sell your home to pay off the debt if you don’t abide by the payment terms.
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What’s the big deal about the Debt Arrangement Scheme?


Whats the big deal about the Debt Arrangement SchemeDebt can be a problem for anyone; it knows no boundaries and does not discriminate. Debt problems can be large or small and just about anything in between. The extent of the problem and your current financial circumstances are the important factors in deciding which particular debt solution will to be the best one for you.
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What does bankruptcy really mean?


What does bankruptcy really meanBankruptcy is a pretty familiar term and one that most people have an understanding of. We hear of people with little in the way or regular income becoming bankrupt and we hear of celebrities who have earned millions being forced into bankruptcy. Debt and the mismanagement of finances is a problem for people across the whole of society and when it goes badly wrong, bankruptcy is the option many people choose.
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