Top 10 tips to be successful


top 10 tips to be successful1. Follow your dreams

It is very easy to bluster through life chasing the next big pay packet or the latest offer on the table. This may pay dividends in the way of cash in your pocket but the world is full of rich miserable people. Real success comes from making money doing something that you enjoy and not ploughing through each day in the hope that your bank balance is slightly better off at the end of the month. Find out what your passion is and work out a way to get paid doing it, then you can be truly happy.

2. Set your plans in sand and your goals in concrete

When you realise where you want to go in life it’s easy to set a path to your destination. Unfortunately knowing the starting point and the final destination is only part of the whole picture. Inevitably as you travel towards your goals you will be blocked, sideswiped and diverted in a variety of different ways, this is just a fact of life or a consequence of doing business. Don’t let these distractions and interruptions sway you from your ultimate end. Always take time out to refocus and evaluate the steps you need to take to get back on track. This way you know you will always be getting nearer and nearer to your dreams.

3. Surround yourself with the factors of success

Successful people can be motivated in any situation no matter how desperate it may seem and it is even easier and more achievable to remain positive when those around you can offer positive input to your current situation. Many failures stem from the negative thoughts and processes of colleagues, friends and even relatives who feel it is their task to keep you safe from disappointment which can mean you never achieve anything in the first place. Positive thinkers will only ever help you in your quest for greatness as they can see the possibilities in every situation, so find the people in your life that can offer a positive spin rather than a negative spiral.

4. Let fear be your driver

In every field of endeavour there is a point that can fill you with fear and trepidation. At this point your success can hang in the balance as you stand at the edge unsure and anxious about the possible outcomes. The sense of fear that you feel at these times can sometimes be overwhelming and thoughts of weakness and inadequacy are often encountered. You need to realise that every hero, every saviour, every millionaire and every successful individual has felt this fear in just the same way and each of them has pushed past the fear and carried on regardless. This is the only way to continue your positive forward motion, realise that you will feel the fear, but with the right approach you will move on to bigger and better things.

5. None of us are as smart as all of us

Some people are just naturally good at coming up with new ideas. Some people are wonderful technicians, others are artistically gifted. No matter where your talents lie and how you perceive your life going forward it is always beneficial to source your information from others who know more about their chosen field than you do. It is better to get a great result by consulting with an expert than to produce something mediocre in an attempt to show how clever you are. There is an abundance of useful information available, it’s all about how you use it.

6. It’s not important how many times you fall down, only how many times you get back up

Throughout history the most successful individuals have been the ones who managed to stand up one more time than they were knocked down. If it wasn’t for this type of attitude we would still be reading by firelight and writing messages in the sand. Think about how many projects were so close to completion but never saw the final run because the inventor had enough of all the failures. Remember a failure is just another successful way not to do something, learn from the mistakes of the past and drive forward to the ultimate success.

7. If it’s going to be it’s up to me

As important as it is to actively seek help from outside sources and to gain knowledge from other individuals you cannot rely on others to achieve your goals. Only you know how important your future success is and only you can have the ultimate drive required to reach that success. If you allow other peoples failures to affect the outcome you will never find the prize at the end of the journey. Lead the way and others may follow and if they do not that is up to them, as long as you keep your focus, know where you’re going and carry on no matter what, then you will realise the great achievement of success.

8. The future is now

How many times have you heard people say things like “I will start exercising when I lose some weight” or “As soon as the kids leave home we will start having some decent holidays”. Procrastination is the thief of time and putting those things off until a better day is never the best option. People put things off because they are not driven to achieve, when you have the ambition and drive it is always easier to start and complete the task. So make a stand today and start those things that you have been putting off. When you are busy it is always easier to get other things done and be diverted from your real goals. So the key is to never have a day where you don’t achieve something. Do it now.

9. Play it mean but keep it clean

Success in most things will include some hard or difficult decisions and making the right ones can sometimes affect those around you. As long as you have a clear conscience you will know you are making the right decision. Hurting the feelings of others may be a necessary evil of reaching your goals and sometimes this can be the most difficult of steps to take. There would be no real success in hurting others just for the sake of it, therefore you must always consider the implications of your actions and aim to always be considerate and empathetic of others. As the saying goes, you need to break some eggs if you’re going to have an omelette, try to ensure that everyone gains from your decisions

10. It’s all in the mind

What you regard as success will differ from other people’s perceptions and it is important that you maintain your ideas about success and do not get drawn into someone else’s ideal. If you would be happy with a little extra cash every week then that’s what to aim for, you will only be disheartened if you aim for millions. If gaining millions is your goal then do not settle for the lesser levels of others as you will only be disappointed. Set and pursue your own goals and desires and do not be averse to changing them in the light of experience. Many successful millionaires say they only found true happiness when they gave their money to charity. Find your goals for success and always keep them prominent in your mind.

A final note

Setting worthy goals and targets, thinking positively, working hard and helping others are all part of improving yourself and living a happy and fulfilling life. Working through life’s challenges is never easy but tackling them in the right way always helps. We always like to consider the bigger picture and whilst we help people who face financial challenges at any time in their lives and may need debt advice we like to provide our advice in a way that takes account of the things that are important to them. So whilst the initial focus may be on finances, payments, debt problems and ultimately debt solutions that help, our aim is to inform, educate and help people back on track with their lives.

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