Access to debt advice is essential to solving debt problems


Debt adviceMany people have gone beyond running on empty with their financial circumstances and continue to rack up serious amounts of debt according to a recent survey. The study, conducted by the Finance Advice Centre showed that as many as nine million people in the UK have a current and ongoing serious debt problem. A worrying aspect to the statistics is that almost fifty percent of the people in this figure have had problems paying their bills for over twelve months.

One of the key findings however to come from this research is that less than twenty percent of people experiencing serious financial difficulties seek professional debt advice.

The effect debt has on people

Living with debt can have a wide ranging negative influence on people’s lives and many people are living with the misery of debt unnecessarily. The survey highlighted that over fifty percent of people struggling with debt confirmed it had a negative impact on their lives and as many as three out of four said they were unhappy as a result.

At the far end of the scale debt causes stress, emotional and psychological problems, relationship breakups, depression and even suicide.

Making use of the advice available

The fact that so many people with debt problems don’t make use of the best debt advice available is a worry in itself as this can mean many people falling into the spiral of debt that can trap them in a world of financial and emotional misery which they can struggle to get out of.

It’s important that people realise that serious debt problems seldom go away on their own and some kind of action is normally required to make a difference to your circumstances. There is a wide range of professional debt advice available to people and a simple search online will highlight the many organisations that offer debt help and the financial guidance.

The good news is that there is a debt solution to every debt problem and experienced debt advisors can assess any debt problem against the very latest debt solutions available today and match the best options to solve the problem. Having all the facts to hand with the additional benefit of expert guidance is the best way the sort out your financial difficulties and take the steps required to improve your financial situation.

Take action quickly and seek advice

Debt problems do not normally resolve themselves on their own and some form of action is required to remedy the situation. It is also a fact that the longer a debt problem is left the worse it becomes.

So the key to this is to take action as soon as you think you may have a debt problem and seek professional advice to ensure you get the appropriate information you need to make the best decision and choose the best route to resolve your situation.

Debt advice organisations know that seeking advice as early as possible can make all the difference and can actually transform people’s lives by helping them as quickly as possible on the journey to improving their financial circumstances.

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